Energy Ombudsman

The Energy Ombudsman works with consumers and suppliers to resolve disputes in the energy sector.

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The Energy Ombudsman has been handling disputes in the energy sector since 2008. It uses its years of experience to deliver fair and balanced resolutions to a variety of disputes. It also works with suppliers to help them improve the customer experience they provide.

How it’s appointed:

The Energy Ombudsman is approved by Ofgem (the UK energy regulator) to handle service disputes in the energy sector.

It has also been appointed by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (previously the Department of Energy & Climate Change) as the Green Deal Ombudsman.

How it's funded:

The Energy Ombudsman is funded by suppliers who pay them a fee for each dispute they are required to review, regardless of the resolution, meaning the service is free to consumers. This means the more disputes the supplier can resolve in-house, the less they have to pay, which is an incentive to improve their customer service.

The Energy Ombudsman supports over 90,000 consumers each year to resolve a dispute with their energy supplier.

Whether you're a domestic or micro-business consumer and whether you deal directly with a supplier or via an energy broker, you're able to their service.

They're constantly learning from the disputes they handle and use that insight to work with suppliers to help them improve their services in areas such as:

  • Billing
  • Installation / delays
  • Loss of service
  • Customer service
  • Switching suppliers
  • Sales

Their experience of handling a large volume of disputes means they understand the most common types of problems and how to go about resolving them as quickly as possible.

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