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Are you ready for CAM 2020?

  • Published Sep 02, 2020
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This Autumn we'll publish the 2020 Consumer Action Monitor, a trusted and respected barometer of customer service and customer experience in Great Britain.

In the Autumn we’ll be revealing the findings of the 2020 Consumer Action Monitor (CAM) – a trusted and respected barometer of customer service and customer experience in Great Britain.

At Trust Alliance Group we're extremely passionate about our role in supporting consumers and businesses operating in the energy and telecoms sector to resolve disputes and that’s why we make it our ongoing priority to understand the issues that affect both parties on a day-to-day basis.

As a standalone piece of research carried out every year by Deltapoll, the annual Consumer Action Monitor enables us to do just that.

Focusing on the issues that matter

This year, CAM will be shining the brightest spotlight to date on some of the biggest issues affecting relationships between consumers and their energy and telecoms providers, which include:

  • Switching
  • Price versus Planet
  • The 8-week rule

Adding even more value to our consumer and business relationships

The consumer landscape is ever changing - and so are their expectations. We know that service providers can't simply take a 'one size fits all' approach towards customer service because every consumer is different. That's why in CAM 2020, we've taken a deep dive into the minds of two unique groups of consumers to paint a clearer picture about the issues that affect them when it comes to their energy and telecoms providers. The two groups we've focused on in CAM 2020 are:

  • Vulnerable customers
  • Microbusinesses and small to medium enterprises (SMEs)

How a global pandemic affects consumer behaviour

For every single person across the globe, 2020 has been a year like no other. None of us could have anticipated at the start of 2020 that the world would face a global pandemic and we certainly couldn't anticipate the turmoil that the Coronavirus would bring to our daily lives.

The unique landscape that we are now living in makes this year's CAM report even more vital - because we're not only able to shed light upon consumer opinion and behaviour prior to the onset of a global pandemic - but for the very first time, Trust Alliance Group will also be able to reveal truly unique data and findings on consumer behaviour during the period in which the UK was under official Government lockdown.

And if that wasn't enough, commencing in early September 2020, we'll be going out into the field to speak directly with consumers for a third time to establish their views and opinions of their energy and telecoms providers in the post lockdown world.

Watch this space

We're almost there with the final findings of the Consumer Action Monitor 2020 and we can't wait to reveal the final findings to you.

Want to learn more? We’re happy to help.